DVD 5 – Sudden Cardiac Death, #1 Symptom of Heart Disease

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From the Know Your Options, The Medical Series…. Sudden Cardiac Death, #1 Symptom of Heart Disease

Heart disease is among the top 2 killers in the industrialized world. This video shows how heart disease and related vascular conditions (stroke, poor circulation) are impacted by oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation and how these conditions may be reversed WITHOUT surgery.

Stroke, heart disease, and peripheral vascular conditions are all caused by formation of atheroma, or plaque, leading to arteriosclerosis. But plaque formation is the result of chronic inflammation and genetic predispositions. Most conventional treatments, however, are only band aid relief. Identifying genetic polymorphisms and implementing changes to reduce oxidative stress can effectively reduce and even reverse arteriosclerosis. In this video, the treatments and lifestyle modifications necessary for success will be discussed not only to treat, but to prevent heart disease.



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